The United States Might Have Assisted in the Murder of 12 Russian Generals, Reports Say

The New Cold War stories continue to come out, the latest revealing that the United States has been providing intelligence on Russian military units to the Ukrainians. The targeting assistance has presumably led to the death of some of 12 generals in the latest bit to be unearthed as the US continues engaging in a proxy war with the former USSR.

The Biden administration has been providing real-time intelligence on locations of troops and mobile bases as the invaders continue their assault. This alongside the billions in aide being sent as well as the various other concessions being provided to Zelenksyy and crew. 

Note that Rep. Jason Crow is one of the latest in power to make it clear that the current plan isn't one of peace and deescalation, when, just days removed from a secret meeting in Ukraine, the former Army vet was quoted saying that the US "is in it to win it," essentially giving up the ghost. Last month, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin III said that the goal is to, "see Russia weakened to a degree...[that Russia] cannot do the kinds of things that it has done" in yet another example.

Some reports are suggesting that the US intelligence community has at times essentially been placing targets, pointing the Ukrainian military at them, rinse and repeat. Officials with direct knowledge have been blowing the whistle on these acts anonymously as the Biden administration remains secretive in their battlefield approach.

The fear that this leak could be yet another provocation towards the insane bear that runs Russia is seemingly shared amongst many such officials. 

Note that, following a report by NYT on the subject, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council claimed the assistance provided was not meant to be used, "with the intent to kill Russian general."

You can decide for yourself how likely to be true that comment seems to be, though it's said that the US does prohibit the act of providing information on the the most senior of Russian leaders and it is still acknowledged that our assistance was critical in the deaths of some of the 12 generals.

Other NATO countries, which Ukraine is not a member of, have been providing similar assistance.