Placing Blame as it's Deserved


Ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinaries, let me be clear in stating up front that a large portion of your anger should indeed be pointed at the empirical, western Christianity power structures within the GOP right now. The party appointed a majority of the current, sitting Supreme Court Justices through presidents that had failed to win their elections with the popular vote in hand. All respectable polls show that the general public are also opposed to the news that Politico broke, too.

The illusions of democracy continue to crumble, folks.

The fact is, though, that you should certainly see this as yet another reason to never support the DNC again, either.

In the half of a century since Roe v. Wade, pro-choice public servants have failed to codify and solidify the law. One of the biggest and most blatant targets for your ire should be war criminal Obama, for those that might be wondering.

When Captain Drone Strike was running for office, he promised that the first thing he'd do if elected would be to sign the Freedom of Choice Act. Two years later, he admitted that it simply wasn't a, "legislative priority."

The King of Deportations' act of continuing the trend of utilizing RvW as a voting tool and a fear tactic deserves to be called out, folks. Yup, that's right, the dude that worked with Big Pharma to take a Republican think tank healthcare plan to funnel even more people into the broken American medical system and twist it as a positive screwed over millions with his refusal to follow through on his promises.

You really shouldn't be surprised, but legacy media did a great job in twisting the narrative on the dude so you might indeed be shocked or made uncomfortable reading these words.

I'm sorry if this is the first place you're hearing about this.

Note that honest outlets, including RW+B, have been warning that this decision was coming for a long time now. It shouldn't have taken the unprecedented leak, which is a major story too, to spark the reaction we're seeing right now. 

Yet, here we are.

Too many were back to brunch, I suppose. You better go stock up on Plan B.

The Republican Party knows a red wave is coming in the midterms and they're hoping this partisan victory will earn them a few extra seats. The Democrats that have long held their own agenda on the subject will try to bring people to the polls in a counter message.

Most should realize that the answer has never been found in the two party system, but far too many are willing to grow a spine and jump that rail.

We're seeing yet another effect of the DNC plan in real time and you'll be reminded to VBNMW in a few months. This, of course, ignores that Sinema and Manchin, the two main, current DNC scapegoats, are part of that primary color shade. 

Those two will be used as a ploy soon to excuse why codifying isn't an option.

They'll then get support from party establishment in races, they'll get perks, etc.

So, when they tell you to Vote Blue No Matter Who, I'm hopeful enough of you will see through it this time. There are teeth behind that smile, and the bite can be just as strong.