Biden's Ministry of Truth

Hey, I'm back. I have some upcoming format changes to make to the site but I appreciate those that stopped by while I was out. I will resume content dropping as often as possible moving forward.

With the Department of Homeland Security's creation of the Disinformation Governance Board, backlash was obviously to be expected. The name alone allowed the door to open, and proper messaging would have been the solution.

The Biden administration doesn't tend to do well with messaging, though.

Let me side step for a moment to address the Trump in the room.

Yesterday, I had posted a TikTok video on the subject using a screenshot. I had a few comments filter through suggesting that this was actually the Cheeto's fault. The board is launching two years into Biden's presidency and launching in this way puts full blame on the sitting administration with deflections holding absolutely no weight. Psaki apparently is the root of this sentiment, with brain rot liberals deciding that her statements suggesting Trump kicked this off made sense.

She was vague, praised the concept, and suggested 45 as a source for those wondering what she had ran through on the subject.

Stop with the tribalism, folks.

Anyway, Secretary Mayorkas, in mentioning the creation across several congressional hearings recently, suggested the intention was to combat everything from misinformation of human smugglers to Russia propaganda and even election misinformation, all supposedly in the name of homeland security.

We're being told it's meant to enable an easier time for the DHS to be effective in the face of these threats.

The name at the top, Jankowicz, and positioned as an executive director, did very little to calm the growing storm due to her controversial, and cringeworthy, history. I'll let you dig that stuff up if you'd like and decide if you're okay with her takes, but it sends a rather clear message regardless.

Now go ahead and add in the lack of elaboration on how the board will function, with very few specifics given, including everything from how this group will take former precedent and how they'll utilize it. 

Add in the fact that the DHS has failed, even recently, at properly handling misinformation.

Add in Mayorkas coming out days later to admit they had mishandled the communication side of things, already proving they aren't qualified.

Toss all of that in together, and it paints a troubling picture.

Remember, Republicans will hold office again rather soon and have access to the same board.

That cats out of the bag, though, and no forethought has been given.

And while folks like Trevor Noah will try to act like we're a free bunch of people, I should remind you that the government has been asking corporations to censor people even recently, like Paypal cutting off leftist, anti-war sites. I should also remind you that Assange and Snowden would like to have a word with you if you've got a moment.

The fact is, this administration has teeth that it's used many times already behind that fake smile and there's no way such a program, and all the vagueness attached, should be considered a good faith entity.

Let me close with a prediction...

The group will be linked to a handful of iffy moves for the next two years. Trump wins in 2024 and his administration turns this up to eleven. When Democrats do retake office, they will keep it like he made it. We all will have even less freedoms as we move closer to The Great Reset.

Let me know if you agree, disagree, etc.