Yemen Citizens Pushed to the Side, Millions to Starve!

The United Nations today only manage to land $1.3 billion in pledges of the requested $4.27 billion meant to assist the humanitarian crisis in Yemen. Funding to the area was already an issue, but the world has focused heavily on dictator Putin's attack on Ukraine and is seemingly leaving the Arab state in the dust.

$585 million of the pledges come from the United States, coming a week after approving $14 billion in assistance to Ukraine.

Currently, there are over 17 million people in Yemen that require food assistance, and the number is only climbing thanks to the Russian invasion. A third of Yemen wheat coming from the former Soviet territory.

A reminder, but the UN previously called the US, UK, and France guilty of assisting in the ongoing war crime, meanwhile, another humanitarian crisis rages in Afghanistan.

The picture is painted terrifyingly clear that assistance only goes to those deemed to be worthy victims.