Warren+ Wants Water Wars to Wait

Companies, like Nestle, have been pushing for the right to privatize water. You might best know water as the thing you, and the planet, are mainly made up of.

Yesterday, Representative Khanna and Senator Warren headed a bicameral allegiance and introduced the Future of Water Act, meant to amend the Commodity Exchange Act, to prohibit the trading of water futures and water rights.

“Every American should agree: Clean, drinkable water is one of our most basic human rights,” said Rep. Khanna. “That’s why I’m proud to introduce this legislation with Senator Warren to prioritize human needs over corporate profits. Large companies and investors should not be allowed to use an essential public resource for their own gain. We have to stand together to protect our water.”

“Water is a human right and Wall Street shouldn’t be allowed to use this vital resource to make profits at the expense of hardworking Americans,” said Senator Warren. “My bill with Rep. Ro Khanna would protect water from Wall Street speculation and ensure one of our most essential resources isn’t auctioned off to the highest bidder.”

With the seeds set down for major global water wars in the near future, this is a fundamental step of progress in slowing the runaway train down.