The Next Wave Looms as Funding Dries Up

Last night, Wednesday, March 10th, the House passed a $1.5 trillion omnibus package which featured roughly $800 billion in military spending, because the billions already set aside for the pentagon aren't enough. Seemingly, new wars are a la carte.

Nothing was allocated for pandemic relief.

This, while a new subvariant that few are talking about, BA.2 Omicron. Discussions on whether this new form deserved it's own designation are up for debate in the scientific community, as it appears to be rather infectious and immune-resistant in nature.

In the closing moments of the day, $15.6 billion in federal pandemic funds was dropped completely thanks to Democrat opposition from the states of Florida, Kansas, Maine, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The general reasoning of the stance against is said to relate to the COVID funds being drawn from funds previously allocated to the states. This diversion was seemingly decided on by House Democratic leaders, likely in tandem with the White House. Notably their own states weren't set to be impacted by the deviation.

This seemingly all results in a cutoff of all federal funding for combatting the pandemic. Ramifications would include a decline in testing capacity, it would kill off funding for testing and treating of the uninsured, preventative treatments for immunocompromised persons will dry out quickly, and our supply of monoclonal antibodies would run out.

Oh, and this means our federal supply of PAXLOVID will be nothing but a ghost in by Fall.

This is to say nothing of how it would affect research funding.

When measured against THIS recent plan promoted by the White House, it becomes clear that the words were just another example of clout chasing.

Call the White House at 202-456-1414 if you'd like to make a comment on the subject.