Polls: Majority of Americans Support WW3

A look at recent polls shows that the corporate owned media as well as stooge politicians are doing well in their push for acts that will result in World War III.

"No boots on the ground," is the overwhelming sentiment of most Americans when asked about response options to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, likely because it is understood that the affects would be unsatisfactory and have even larger global ramifications.

When polled on a No fly zone, though, almost 75% are in support. Of course, a look at coverage and the general rhetoric makes it clear that most Americans do not even see how those two opinions are counter productive, likely because they aren't aware that such policies require enforcement and thus lead to what those very same boots hitting the ground.

Currently, the Biden administration is stating to not be in favor of implementing a no fly zone. With defense industry interests at play, these polls results, Biden's low numbers, and the midterms on the horizon, it remains to be seen if that stance remains in place.