No to WW3


With calls piling up for a no-fly zone, which would all but guarantee World War 3, and the thirst growing from liberals for Zelensky, a larger shadow is ahead than many might think. Don't forget, Congress is meant to declare war and if momentum shifts too heavily in favor of such an act, thanks in part to the sensationalized nature of the media and the way the invasion is being handled, only the defense industry and related elite fields will stand to benefit when the dust settles (presuming the world even still exists after another World War, of course).

Recognize Russia's acts are evil behavior while remaining firm on understanding that there are costs for each action at this level. Do not laugh off reports of nuclear options. Do not overestimate supreme power of ANY imperialist nation. Do not allow the media and dangerous narratives to push you to be more hawkish.

Is this 1914, 1940, or 1979?

The Biden administration is currently resisting calls to impose the no fly zone request. I urge all to watch the State of the Union tonight. Lets hope peace, or the closest thing to it we can hope for at this point, is the outcome.