India Condemned for Not Wanting WW3

India, an Eastern country with little interest in what happens in Ukraine, has taken a different set of moves than much of the rest of the world. They haven't joined the outrage system pointed at Russia, which has been completely reactionary with a pointed purpose of helping out the defense industry at the cost of more lives. They've chosen to not vote against the country in the recent UN statement and are attempting to make deals with Putin and crew for oil.

As a result, most of the media outlets are letting their ire rip with blunt attacks. Some are even suggesting sanctions.

Fun fact, but Germany and many of the NATO countries have still been using and/or attempting to reach similar deals with Russia. The only people that should even be surprised at India's choices thus far are those with little knowledge of that part of the world.

Sadly, that's most of the blue check mark talking heads.

How dare India not push us closer to WW3 like the rest of the world!