How Hunter Biden's Laptop is Another Example of Media Corruption

Ahead of the 2020 election, news broke that a laptop belonging to Hunter Biden had been located that contained incriminating evidence, including alleged proof of financial corruption tied to tax evasion as well as a refusal to identify as a foreign agent.

The response the the story from most media outlets and social media sites was to blackout the information and to smear it as Russian propaganda.

But, just like Russia-gate, it turns out the forces that be got this one wrong. The bigger story isn't that Biden's son is an iffy individual, but that so many with power decided to utilize it in such a way.

While it should be noted that the number of people that would have been swayed by this information is likely minimal, the choice to try to hide the story away has shown a clear display of voter suppression and election interference nonetheless.

When Trump's kids were engaging in shady acts, it was rightfully covered by most of the same outlets. When the Clinton Foundation was participating in terrible acts, it was similarly pushed aside. The same scrutiny, examination, and allowance of discussion should occur when any President or public official, regardless of party, has immediate family members participating in such acts.