Hate Tyrants, Reject Xenophobia

Immediately following Putin's invasion of neighboring Ukraine, the world began to seek payback. I get it. Times of violence can do interesting things to people and the desire to see consequences for wrongdoing is natural, of course.

Let me be clear in advance, I stand with anyone that condemns Putin's acts.

It's tragic how xenophobia has taken root so quickly as a reaction from so many, though.

A quick look around, and you'll see Russian civilians being punished with sanctions that should be largely focused at the oligarchical elites. You'll see immigrants in America that dare to have ties to the country being attacked, too. It's essentially the same behavior we saw post-9/11 for anyone that dared to be the "wrong look". The same attitude Asians got post Pearl Harbor. The same many Germans got around the time, too.

Remember, thousands of Russians have actually been detained for speaking out.

If you, the reader, are an American, I'd like to ask you a few questions.

If you had watched as company after company fled your country as a PR stunt, leaving countless out of work, how would you feel?

If you had to wait for hours in line at the bank, hoping you'd get to even access your money, not even knowing if it would be worth anything, how would you feel?

If you had traveled to Italy, started up a burger joint, and now were being attacked, vandalized, and shut down, how would you feel?

All of this while the entire world turns a back on you.

You see, I condemn Putin's acts. They are the works of an evil man. I've stated that above, but the mob fury dictates I add it again.

I also recognize the evils of American leaders, too.

I recognize that we should be condemning those making the calls and trying to stop them.

Can you recognize that decades of Red Scare tactics have put down seeds that are now blooming into yet another wave of xenophobia?

Manipulation in the face of horror is easy. It's why most Americans disagree with boots on the ground, for now, but are also pushing for a no fly zone (which would inevitably result in boots on the ground).

We all need to calm the fuck down and think more rationally about what's playing out before us. Watch the money, watch the leaders, watch the reactions and responses.

Do not scapegoat millions for the acts of a few.