China Back into Lockdown, Expect Prices to Rise Again

Over 50 million in China are right back into lockdown mode as their numbers are rising to levels, thanks largely to the new subvariant which have placed the country back into the horrors of 2020.

Foxconn halting production is an early red flag to take note of and it means far more than just a harder time in getting new iPhones. That's the second largest facility in the country and the city that houses it is the largest Chinese exporter of goods. Basically anything electric that comes from China will be affected in some fashion.

Chinese stocks took their biggest hits since 2008 and Wall Street's habit to invest in any get-rich-quick fashion possible saw a 72% drop from their peaks. Anytime these types of events occur, prices tend to jump.

Combine this with the world currently teetering on WW3, stagnant wages, and a record inflation scene and you have a recipe for one of the worst dishes possible.

Do you believe the world leaders have the tools and the will to fix the issue, or will the working class be sold out once again?