CDC Steps in, Partially Ending Title 42

The Biden administration has announced a termination of a portion of Trump's border policies, following multiple fights to keep them in place. Specifically, this applies to unaccompanied children being turned away without asylum seeking being permitted, with the CDC saying it would abolish the dehumanizing rule following a recent Texas-based federal judge ruling by District Court Judge Mark Pittman.

"In current termination, CDC addresses the court's concerns and has determined, after considering current current public health conditions and recent developments, that expulsion of unaccompanied noncitizen children is not warranted to protect the public health."

Migrant families and single adults are still subject to the draconic measures.

This news came late last week as the deadline loomed for the White House to begin expelling children or to appeal and came hours after a ruling by the DC U.S. Court of Appeals stated Title 42 could continue as long as they weren't sent back to countries where they'd face torture or persecution, according to their own analysis.

Thousands of children are still held in cages.