Billions in COVID Aid Used to Fund the Police

The narrative currently is that there just isn’t enough money available to assist, on a federal level, with COVID moving forward. This, in large part, is tied to Democrats failing to come to terms recently with a package as they prioritized sending billions to assist in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, it turns out much of what was set aside for that very reason had been funneled to police departments and prisons.

Biden’s $2trillon economic stimulus package, ARPA, was signed into law early into the current presidency with the intention that the money be spent to help out the economy and enable a rebound from pandemic pains and burdens.

Instead, many jurisdictions have been funneling large amounts of cash into shiny toys of violence, recruitment tactics, as well as to build new jails.

This follows Biden’s State of the Union speech where the 46th President of the United States urged states to use as much as $350billion of ARPA to “fund the police.”

Many states, such as Alabama, had already been doing their part having approved $400million in ARPA cash to fund prison projects in 2021.