Biden to Again Increase Pentagon, Police, Border Budgets

Every war is a la carte, folks. With our $300million a day war with Afghanistan finally over in an official form, it was fair that many Americans had concluded we'd see a reduction in the military budget. These are the Democrats after all, and the common narrative is that they aren't as war hungry.

That's the word on the street still, right?

But, instead, Joe Biden is now pushing for an increase of $31billion. That makes it once again a record breaker.

His budget plan doesn't allow for any of the piles of cash to be allotted to COVID.

If you want a free vaccine, you're about to be out of luck. To be fair, the people that haven't gotten it thus far likely won't be swayed suddenly by an increase in price.

His budget doesn't allow for any form of Build Back Better, though it does include an allotment for a potential future agreement without any offset in place.

The police, federal and local, will get nice increases. Tack on a $42billion for Border Patrol for good measure that is meant for expansion and maintenance of border fencing.

In other places, the budget is being promoted as featuring a new tax on billionaires with a claim that it would bring in roughly $360billion across ten years.

Capitalist Joe has never proposed substantial measures that would substantially alter wealth distribution, though. A call for an increase in corporate income tax rates to 28% is an empty con, sure to be struck down by Machin, Sinema, or whomever else is meant to be a scapegoat for inaction when the time comes. It's easy to make statements when you know nothing ever will happen.

This was, officially, seen as a push for "fiscal responsibility" by the White House and ignores the plights of the working class to once again.