Respecting Life: Why Ukraine Matters, But Other Victims Do, Too (Opinion)

A quick look at media coverage of late will see every major outlet screaming loudly into each corner about how tragic the Russian invasion of Ukraine is. I agree, to be very clear, though I wish better looks at Western responsibility were being considered. I also wonder why many other world events are being left on the back pages.

Some are pulling those curtains back more than expected, with racial similarity being used as a way to unify Americans behind the big bad Russian government's terrible act. I'd argue no such hammering over the head is required, or should be at least, to get people to support taking a stance against acts of war, but here we are regardless.

Were the people of Afghanistan not worthy of the same level of respect? They only tried to tell us to care about them when we were finally leaving. That snapped right back to shrugged shoulders as we manipulate a genocide level event there right now, of course, but defense industry interests are no longer being defended I suppose.

When protesters rally against causes the US supports, they get favorable coverage. Otherwise, radio silence.

What of Somalia right now? Should we ask the Syrians that are being targeted by groups with our financial support? The tragedy of Yemen is occurring right before our eyes, thanks in part to US actions.

It's rather sad that immigrants were rallied behind when Trump was imposing racist policies yet we're supposed to ignore when Biden keeps those same policies in place.

I ask you to question why Europeans and other people that align with US interests are worthy of being treated with respect, but others are unworthy?