Biden's SCOTUS Nomination Ruled Against Workers in Lockheed Settlement

Ketanji Brown Jackson looks to be the first black woman to gain a spot on the Supreme Court, which is rather a historic moment despite the fact that she won't do much admittedly to shift anything on the court. Responses from liberals, moderates, conservatives, and everyone in between have varied greatly on the subject, but few are covering what some consider to be grey spots on her record.

Arguably the biggest stain is her standing against could be the controversial choice to side against black workers in a discrimination case against Lockheed Martin. Dark money interest groups reportedly are pushing hard for the nomination to get pushed through, so we'll wait and see what outcome occurs, but currently Ketanji Brown Jackson looks locked.

Watch the video above and feel free to drop a comment on your thoughts of the subject below. Do you believe she is the best possible option we could have hoped for or a terrible choice?